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Missive From The Blogosphere Trenches

“Rose's latest album, Gravity Of Crow, begins with a few muted guitar chords and gentle verses, then explodes into an hour of playful fascination. It must be good because it was about 1:30 am when I first put it on and I stayed up for the whole thing. At Mother Fool's, Rose was accompanied by Madison songwriter/guitarist Maury Smith, yielding a crazy hour of improvised acoustic-guitar interplay. I realize a lot of guitarists can run up and down blues scales all day, but Rose and Smith play together in ecstatic bursts that technical ability alone can't produce—Rose happily bashing out the chords, Smith's guitar lines sprawling on with a surprising mix of grit and finesse. You can stream some of Al's songs here, but you won't get the full effect unless you see him live sometime. I don't think there's anyone who writes songs quite like him, or anyone who could pull off his hybrid of sturdy country/folk and shamelessly weird lyrics.”- Scott Gordon, The Onion and