Gravity not heavy but something to Crow about

I really like Al Rose’s Gravity of Crow (available now on Monkey Holding Peach Records). If you like intelligent songwriting, inventive music, and intricate rhythms, you will too.

Gravity is one of those discs that offers little sonic surprises with every listen. Whether it is the feathery texture of a woman’s harmony vocal or jangly acoustic guitar fills, producers Rose and Blaise Barton have assembled 13 beautiful soundscapes.

Rose, along with the Transcendos, explores everything from shifty politics to introspective behavior modification. The set is interspersed with love songs and food songs and a closer that says things that so many people have wanted to say, but never thought they could.
Standout Transcendos Laura Blye (vocals) and Maury Smith (guitars, slide banjo, vocals) add to the arrangements that sound effortless.
“Random Hollow Diesel Train” seems to channel Warren Zevon (circa “Lawyers, Guns, and Money”) but the voice is, ultimately, Rose’s. The lyrics serve as a wake-up call for the country.

“Gravity of Crow” is more enjoyable and musical than just about anything a major label released in 2002.

— Paul Barile,, January 2003