From: Top 10 Regional Indie Releases of 2002

#3: Gravity of Crow

In just under the wire for inclusion as a 2002 release, this 13-song set is the fourth CD by one of the most consistently impressive songwriters in Chicago today.

Like his idol, Bob Dylan, Rose is refreshingly literate in his approach. He has an engaging knack for linking words into phrases rife with imagery, allowing him to painting audio pictures which ride gently over subtle melodies.

Close your eyes, turn down the lights, open your ears and mind as his words cascade over you. Rose is a good performer, but what makes him such a favorite of mine, is that he writes songs with lyrical substance. He gives his listener’s thought provoking slices of life — his and ours — set to catchy, yet casual melodies.

While his past albums are solid efforts, this new CD really finds Rose at the top of his game. Best cut — “Random Hollow Diesel Train” — a rather biting number, best described as Rose’s “state of the world address.”

— Tom Lounges, January 2003