All the Fixin's

Hide longer than breath
Breath sooner than now
Now that the siren’s gone
Step longer than feet
Feet stronger than still
Still as the morning song

Run faster than touch
Touch deeper than down
Down lower than understand
Talk bigger than mouth
Mouth wider than sound
Sound softer than falling sand


Pan’s waiting to bake
Pot’s waiting to boil
Knife’s waiting to cut
All the Fixin’s

Drink deeper than thirst
Thirst deeper than lake
Lake deeper than ocean tide
Pull stronger than string
String stronger than rope
Rope tighter than what we tide



Nothing exploded
Something eroded inside
Skin harder than stone
Stone harder than wind
Wind harder than bone

Ride longer than train
Train longer than snake
Snake further than all the tracks
Word quicker than tongue
Tongue slower than thought
Thought curving like melting wax
Wish bigger than blood
Blood redder than sun
Sun closer than all the rest
Rest deeper than death
Death slower than time
Time richer than deepest breath

Hand’s waiting to give
Arm’s waiting to take
Wrist waiting to twist
Back’s waiting to break
Chair’s waiting to sit
Stair’s waiting to step
Floor’s waiting to crawl
Wall’s waiting to crest
Swing’s waiting to swing
Slide’s waiting to slide
Ground’s waiting to grind
All the fixin’s