Cherry Pie

We built this basement brick by brick
Put a big tower in the middle of it
Landlady come at a quarter to ten


Oh my cherry pie
You know you’re gonna get gravy
And you’re gonna get by

She’s a shoulder length girl with a big wet mouth
See through hips and a see through blouse
I can see myself in a couple of days



First big bite golden brown on the side
Butter crust
Butter shine

Drive by thief yells to raise ‘em high
Be back in an hour to get all your pies
Put ‘em outside in a front porch box


I spent last night in Caroline
You know she’s calling me back but I’m taking my time
Virginia’s the state I’d like to be in



Oven pre-heat to 415
Center rack to get all the heat
Windowsill’s waiting for its moment to shine