Egg Me On

Kitchen table and a radio
Dirty saucers and a misdirected spoon
Barely stirring the traffic news
Stupid mail and a business card
Phony phonebook and a compromising sigh
Load of laundry with honey stains
Have a bowl of cereal
Rustle up the Mighty-o’s
Orange juice at the silhouette
Sunrise at the sign
There’s room for me there’s room for you
Obligations set the tone
Egg me on with buttercups
Just egg me on


Rat faced poison almost inside and out of me
Rubber neck and iron lung
I’m licking the disease
Vacuum up the liver spots from inside and out of me
Roller coaster table rings from here to shining sea

I got your number from a racing form
I got your message and I hope you’re running soon
I better cancel my urgent thing
Take a deck of playing cards
Rustle up the lucky charms
There’s horses at the silhouette
And horseshoes on the side
There’s room for me…


Paint by numbers
Rug and folding chairs
Waiting mountains in a Colorado room
Barely showing their snowcapped peaks
Have a bowl of pantomime and rustle up the idiots
Coffee at the silhouette and sunset at the sign
There’s room for me…