Open Wide

I woke up on my knees
And there wasn’t any light
Had a bruise a mile deep
And a scar a mile wide
I finally caught my breath
And I caught a glance of light
Eyes adjusted to the dark
Open wide

I’ve seen every single snake
In temptation’s dirty hand
I know cowards on the take
They’re just slivers in the sand
With a smile on the mask
And a mask upon my face
I faced every single day
But I never took a taste


I’ve seen the scene a hundred times
I’ve had the time a hundred ways
I’ve waited all my living life
Open wide


I couldn’t believe how many times
I circled every destination
Hammer for a signal
Like a headlight in my possum eyes
Ground zero’s looking deep into my glaze

I’ve got copper in my joints
Just for sitting all my life
There’s a door on yonder wall
Open wide
A thousand miles, a thousand miles
With just a ribbon for my guide
At a hundred miles an hour
Open wide