Destination: Lost

I'm a vehicle of steel and I'm frozen in direction
In direction no direction
Nothing lost and nothing found
Pounding on a block of coal to raise some dust
To soothe the soul and over stoke the furnace
Just to make this engine fly


This train has wings
Just another motion rail deceiver
Of the faith and destination
It's the steel boss
Fantasizing innocence / I'm a terminal believer
Without balance, luck, and common sense
To Destination: Lost

Passionate conductor
Keeper of the time flame spark
"On board, on board, on board," he cries
The whistle blows alarm
There's confusion at the station where the travelers abandon
Say goodbye and say hello to Destination: Lost


I'm the curious pretender from the land of
Give and take and push and shake and pull and jump
And bend and waste

Pack away the ancient map of desperation
Extra lunch
Extra ration overhead
Until I have enough
Down the car the tattooed ticket taker takes the ticket back
He reads the line and points me down
To Destination: Lost