Half A Waltz

Never look a racehorse in the mouth
Always take the time to round the bend
Try and place a bet
Spark and hope it catches
Kiss me like the worlds gonna end

Im counting every moment since I saw you
Im counting every person thats not you
Counting every season
Every rhyme and reason
Im counting on your pull to get me through

Blue as a whisper
Green as a meadow
Red as a pepper
Black as the night
Touch like a whisper
Breath like a meadow
Sweet like a pepper
I love you, Goodnight

Hold me when were swimming in the chocolate
Wipe my eyes when summer makes me drunk
Drive me to the border
Smuggle me til tender
Find a way to get me out of town

One fine day Ill take you cross the ocean
One fine day well stay just where we are
Dancing on a match head
Waltzing in our sleep
Just a couple of fireflies in the stars