The Miracle Of Pain

The x-rays were embarrassing
Iíve got nothing left to hide
Thereís a dirt road running down my leg
Keeping everything inside
I am guilty to the bone like a skeleton in the rain
I cannot feel anything
Thatís the miracle of pain

The x-rays were embarrassing
Iím just like a broken home
Itís a wonder that my food goes down
I am brittle to the bone
My veins are like the highway
Broken shoulders, twisted wrist
My fingers have a dozen joints
That roll into a fist

Every night I breathe a sigh and take the tonic cold
Your love is like the speed of light
Youíve broken hearts and broken molds
You always could see through me
Like some super human girl
Youíre as solid as a sheet
You got me covered in this world

The x-rays were embarrassing
They can see right through my skin
Itís golden when the light shines through
Like parchment paper-thin
I tried to put the wall back up alone without a sound
But the x-rays were embarrassing
And the wall came tumbling down