My First Posthumous Release

When Iím dead and gone
When I fly off with the geese
Theyíll find what I was working on where they expected least
A photo tinted sepia/ Liner notes in black
A page or two reflective quotes that were said behind my back
'I think he was a friend of mine'/ 'His spirit seldom ceased'
I charted in a month with my first posthumous release

Release Release
Iím dead and gone
And Iím on the charts where I belong/ Release

I heard they had a party and several people showed
They gave my wife a metal plaque and served shrimp on a boat
I finally got a record deal/ My manager was pleased
I heard he was the genius of my posthumous release

Iím almost sorry
Whatís the question?
Got your message
Deathís expected

The label might be dropping me cuz I canít really tour
They question my commitment to career
But Iím hotter than a lightening rod cuz I donít return my calls
They may want me for a comeback in a year.