Delirium Exacto

Glass stained arrows floating to the nexus
Underneath the table there are shiny black shoes
Automatic difference
Shake it if you must
Seal it with a river
Shoulder it with rust

Rave about a weakness
Howl at the rules
Paint a simple drama and dance inside a room
Back me in a corner and ask me for a reason
Focus on the corner
Everything is clean


I am leading you to water
But is it water that you want?

Linger on a rooftop
Storming without warning
Rub against the lightening
Thunder Vision Chance
Pointing at your fingers
Linger in your mood
Parting of the waters
Standing where you stood

2nd Chorus:

I hear the delta calling...

Delirium Exacto. Impossible oasis
I get retro-satisfaction when you rub against my arm
Reaching for the moment
Reaching in the tub
I touch you for a moment
Everything is clean

2nd Chorus