Everything Is Flexible

December cloudy morning
Rainy afternoon
The sun come up at supper time
And shined straight through 'til June

Radiant and blazing
It filled my appetite for bright
Until another nervous horror killed the light


Everything is flexible
Every fence will bend
No matter what the stubborn say
This stubbornness will end

I live the high life
I fought a war
I shot a man for killing me
He got what I deserved

One painful moment
Eternal peace
I climbed the tower for the view
Now I'm hanging with the trees



Around the ranch they're talking in their sleep
The horses aren't paying for their keep
Whispers and ideas are inhibiting abandon
And the pigs are so indiscreet

The trash has been collected
Today's my lucky day
The phones appear connected
And some calls are being made

Some arms are being twisted
No time is being lost
They're rolling out the carpet
Just to get the point across


You touched the stomach
I touched the nerve
You took the straight line
And I melt it to a curve
You took the ceiling
I took the floor
You took the window and I through it out the door