Naked In A Trailer

I want to climb the pyramid
Embrace that pointy tower
Unscrew that locked career lid
I really need to sell my car
I need to cough up cash flow
Some cabbage and a coin
I'm supporting other habits
Could I make it in Des Moines?


Could I make it as a tailor
with a scissors and some cloth?
Or will I be naked in a trailer
with a gun inside my mouth

I want to water ski the Nile in the gala summer show
I'll just use my special style
But I don't want to steal the show
I'm just trying to keep my balance
While I try to write my book
I don't need another challenge
Could I make a decent cook?



There's something about the autumn
With the falling of the guard
I'm the nude descending
Contemplating raking up the yard

I want to swim across the ocean with my lunch upon my back
And though I barely got my toes in
I'm expecting the attack
It's just a question of endurance
Could I survive another chance?
Could I survive a year in prison?
Could I survive a year in France?