Day Of Rest

My father died on Saturday
On Shabbos Dad was free
On Friday he was anxious for release
Now he knows the greatest secret
Mom and I can only guess
His whole life was his working week
Now comes his day of rest

Standing on the mountain top
Held up on either side
Supported by a pyramid of love
I saw fear turn to reflection
Then acceptance and release
When he left this world the skies were blue above


You ride the ride until the moment comes around
Until the moment comes, you never know the sound
Bye and bye another circle's gone around
I'll never see you 'til I see you in the ground

Breaking bread up in the heavens
Kicking tires among the stars
Now he travels without baggage or its scars
Now he rides a different vehicle
And there's nothing left to tell
Now he's dwelling in the house of lights
We're still dwelling in this house of cards


Holy old Jerusalem
Your walls of golden dust are still standing in the floods and in the pain
From the corners of the desert
Every step a final test
Every moment makes the moment of your name