Polish My Car


I'm gonna polish my car / I'm gonna drive all night
Don't need my brakes / Never use my lights
Don't need no tires for traction traction traction
I got carbon vapors / Yeah

No keys is good keys / Volcano wherever I go
I got gloves in my compartment / My gas tank run on low
I got a front seat by the wheel / By some pedals and a radio
With a back seat right behind it
Just kick kick kick make the driver go


Carpet wall to wall / Carbon navy red
I got a license in my wallet / I got a license in my head
I got a license in my pocket / I got a license in my shirt
I got a sticker in my window
Just pump pump pump make the highway hurt



Shotgun / I'm sittin' by the window
Shotgun / Get a hold of yourself
Shotgun / Tell it to the toll booth
Seatbelt seatbelt seatbelt yeah