Yon Horse's Mouth

Look not darkly down yon horse's mouth
Lest ye find thy cribbage floating
Baring melting oats in grateful mouth
We are dying to be coasting
Look not lightly on the ticking clock
Or the eroding of the coastline
Sometimes I'm paralyzed by bucketfuls of many moments lost
I am not sleeping / I am hoping


It's a long long way to carry on
I'm banking on the wind
I'm counting on a break or two from enemies or friends
And the luck's a constant guess
It shields the mighty gusts
And if my feet hold out like I know they will
I just may take a step

I thank the lord my goatly vows
And I praise your understanding
All the hanging ropes were tightly wound
On the day of my unraveling
Look not lightly on the dark blue sea
With its waves of understanding
Tossing hollow hopes and floating leaves
I am not sinking; I am floating



Standing at the wall of why
Tears are by my side
Until I open up the wall and step inside