by Al Rose © 2016 Wheel See Music (ASCAP)

The tale is told / A dead man lingered

Haunted by a joyful gift

Until his love shall die and join him

He clings to jubilation’s grip

I saw her face across the meadow

A story told in lover’s lips

The arrow hit below the shoulder

Pierced by jubilation’s grip

Just before I reached the clearing

Punctured by a venom tip

A snake’s revenge can last a lifetime

Stung by jubilation’s grip

Morning starts with heavy patterns

Then lightning strikes above the wrist

After midnight cooling embers

Glow like jubilation’s grip

Finger tips are green with envy

Nail biters cracking whips

This moment might just last forever

Tight as jubilation’s grip

Try to find a single witness

Who turns away and can’t resist

The warm embrace of glowing embers

Hot as jubilation’s grip


I felt the joy slip from my fingers

And wings alone won’t save this trip

Life alone will cling to living

Sweet as jubilation’s grip

A sailor’s time is drawn and quartered

From wave to wave on battered ship

The storm will hit when most it matters

Sunk by jubilation’s grip

Clap your hands to snap the pressure

Sink it like a cargo ship

One by one the stars are falling

Bright as jubilation’s grip

 I taste the rain and drink the summer

With each regret a moment slips

Haunted by the speed of light

That reaches jubilation’s grip

Every man and every woman

Humbled by a fatal slip

Reaching out for steady footing

Saved by jubilation’s grip

I raise a glass to every glass

After prayers, the wine is sipped

Harvesting the river water

That flows like jubilation’s grip

I close my eyes and reach for silence

And dream the dream the dust cloud drifts

Slowly floating to your arms

Sleep is jubilation’s grip 

Sleep is jubilation’s gift

Sleep is jubilation’s grip