by Al Rose © 2016 Wheel See Music (ASCAP)

I’m a lazy f ck / A dedicated schmuck

I kick right back and I bank on luck

I hold my cards and I fold right up

This boat don’t rock / I’m a lazy f ck

I back right down when things get hard

I’ve got lots to fix in my own back yard

If you want to get to heaven, wish you lots of luck

Don’t waste your time with a lazy f ck

I dreamed a dream for a long long time

And I spent some time in the diamond mine

Now I hardly move ‘cuz I quit that race

I’m a lazy f ck / I rest my case

I ate a bowl of chips in record time

I got a borrowed cat named Lazy Rhyme

I’m an inside man with an outside truck

I’d start it up but I’m a lazy f ck

I used to build a bridge when it came along

From verse to verse like an epic song

Now I’ll just shout it out like a riffin’ slut

Ain’t no bridge here

I’m a lazy f ck

I used to break my back like a battered mutt

But I got nothing to show so I just gave up

It ain’t complicated when you’re in a rut

Just turn the page like a lazy f ck