by Al Rose © 2016 Wheel See Music (ASCAP)

Ever since you left me, I’ve been down on one knee

I would have gone down lower but the begging set me free

The begging made me weaker

And the kneeling made me pray

The praying made me hopeful

But the hoping made me beg

I’m getting ready for the feast/ Ready for the feast

I’m already on my knees and I’m in the thick of it

I’m a creature of your habits / I come crawling when you call

I never change the pictures / I am loyal to a fault

I am loyal like a baby / Loyal like a tree

Loyal like the desert / I am loyal like the sea

I am loyal like the phonebook / Loyal to my name

Loyal to the bottle/ I am loyal to my shame


I’m the last one in the sinking ship / The last one in the room

Or in the phone booth waiting for the call

The call that never tells me / I’ll never get the call

The call that says I’m loyal to a fault

Some paths just lead me backwards

Just like some change can bring the wind

But all that wind just made me feel 

Like I was running like the wind

All this running gets me nowhere / But nowhere ain’t that far

But running gets there faster than the slowest falling star

And all this pain helps me remember 

That all this pain should bring me strength

But strength is overrated and pain ain’t no great shake