From the recording Gravity of Crow



Climbing up the old crow’s nest / The old bird welcomes me
She tidied up the nest sweet nest / She served me over easy

Like blackened coal her feathers shone / Her call a piercing scream
Her wings can darken half a house / At the end were old crow’s feet

Toast and jam and cakes from pan / Juice from fatty bacon
That sweet old crow just let me know she’d put a big old steak on

She served me up a rabid stew / So good on many levels
I washed it down with an icy mush / And pudding made from pebbles

Ratty tar with a mouse eared crust / All dripping gravel gravy
She wiped my mouth with a sewer cloth and bid me happy landing

Falling out the old crow’s nest / The old bird empties me
Her wings could darken half a house / She served me over easy

My Daddy told me what’s his name had told him such and so
But nothing stuck inside my craw like the gravity of crow