1. Wasting Gas

From the recording Gravity of Crow



Same old horses same old cart / State lines stretched from heart to heart
Snapping forces thermos wind / I’m boiled
Overheated carcass hills and folded maps of country waters
Greasy treasures drilling me for oil

Don't drive by me / I take two lanes / I shoot to kill
I go too fast / I always will / I'm always lost
I'm out of town / I'm wasting Gas

Layers tapped and love revealed / Now sparks are loose and heat concealed
Beneath the cool surface of desire
Driving for a better kill / With flashers on the stakes are higher
The one who's got the lucky gun will fire
Don't drive by me…


If Jesus had a dime for every song that dropped his name
He'd come running back to pick us up and drive us all to Spain
Where we'd drink the wine and sing the song
And every word would rhyme with wine
And every song would pay that dime again

Glove compartment hornet’s nest / I played the tape and you're inside it
The clock is on the wiper's rhythm now
Static shifts to lighter gear / The high beam lights are all in focus
The fuel is burning cleaner than a star
Don't drive by me…

Driving in my dreams / I'm understanding spinning wheels
All rolled and spoken for / Surrender to the toll

Poking life and tempting snakes with sticks and gravel / Tempers rising
Warning rattles make a shaky point
Begging for a better view of back seat luck and trailer hitches
Battle scars and licking wounds for years
Don't drive by me…