From the recording Naked In A Trailer



I used to be a friend of mine
Now I'm just an iron gate
An angel with a bitter twist
I was driving home points like the interstate

I used to do the tug of war
I used to do the tight rope dance
Fishing for a story with a whole tone scale
I could live under water given half a chance


The weather in the papers say it's golden growing time
Is it really any wonder?
They're plowing up the grapes to make that blind sided wine
Like a visionary tractor man

I'm going to do the front porch dance
Hide behind my backyard face
Standing in a hole by the side of the barn
I've got great designs of what to do with this place

I'm going to plant a brand new crop
I'm going to start a sun burned face
I'm going to make the barnyard dance
With a hey-d'lio holler and a boom-boom pace



Everybody's got a job to do
(tell me something I don't know)
The seamstress and the reaper will help you
Reap just what you sow

I'm going to need a little sun
I'm going to need a little rain
With a thumbnail sketch of a pile of corn
I'm going to stand behind you every step of the way

I'm planting everything I own
I'm planting everything it takes
Then I'm going to get good footing
And plow and plant and rain and wait