1. Vote For Me

From the recording Naked In A Trailer



Running was an accident
I meant to pay my debt
But I met my mortal weakness in a hole
Splitting every kind of molecule we could
To seal our fate
Split 'em quarter, split 'em even
Split 'em whole

Papa was a big mouth and my momma was a gun
I was raised beside a cabin in a pit
But enough about my movie
Take a picture for my book
And I will thank you when the money has been split


Vote for me. Vote for big mouth
Vote for vinegar and piss
I will kiss your baby's elbow
And I'll put you on my list
Then I'll put you in a taxi
And forget you're on my list
Vote for me. Vote for big mouth
Vote for piss

There's an anorexic fallout
All the folks are eating more
They are stuffing the burritos in their shirts
All the ribs and legs and sealing wax
The dirty rotten hams are sucking candy and bananas
'Til it hurts

I am pausing for a breath mint
That I suck to change my breath
I go from onion cloud to pine tree on a dime
The invisible protector that has saved me more than once
I am a wint-o-green believer in my prime


Plaster dust is everywhere
The party was a bust
The revolution calls for cleaner air
The clogged up drain just burps my name
The tub is full of crust
Renovation never will be fair

The gift of being ignorant has taught me nothing new
Pound for pound I lump me with a pulse
I am just a crude reminder of our public schools at work
And I can stretch a rubber band like no one else