From the recording Information Overload



Like a rusted out reflector
I'm just trying to make ends meet
And so I gather information and I lay it at my feet
And for a prontocentric moment I am hooked up to the core


What's going on
I'm lighting up
I'm standing tall
I'm piling up I'm piling up
I'm piled higher than the highest pile of paper
And the bells are chiming
Information overload
Information load me oh

There's a poet in my neighborhood
A communicating fool
He gazes into hyperspace while he sits upon a stool
He faxed his ass across the planet
His insurance and his taxes and some nipple gripping tassels
Like he owns them and he moans

Prontocentric Moses and his flock of holy sheep
Our protector in the desert never gets his promised sleep
He comes down the mighty mountain with his tablets of caffeine
And finds them bowing to the paperboy upon his golden bicycle
And it's raining morning papers
And they're crapping out the news

Down the information boulevard
I am older than my car
I am phoning from the traffic light
I didn't think I'd get this far
But I am driven like the mighty bug
With cornflakes in a jar