1. All Make Out

From the recording Information Overload



Foggy eyed and dogmatic / Holographic switchblade
Cut fine edges on the runaway hairline
Automated freefall you're getting hysterical
Just open your arms and embrace the race

Overlook the overheard
I'm flying with my pants un-dungeon damp
Like that dusty old trouser
Legned has you done up slick
You got it made and now you make me sick


We'll all meet in back and we'll all make out
We'll roll the dice and then we'll all have lunch
The garden's fresh and the bread is green
Then we might clean up and then we'll do it again

Headache heartache emotional bedsores
It's denial of the fittest with a tailor made view
It's commercial understanding of promotional eyesores
It's a two for one with distinct hands down

Touch me on the overcoat and buy me understanding
Over hopeless coals / Just an unexpected texture
Basic toe to toe / Basic rib to rib
We've got room to spare because there's room to spin


Everybody knows everybody's face
Every grain of sand / Every hair's in place

Radiate the ashtray 'til I'm blinded by the glory
Of the smokescreen reason
Like it's just another story of a backyard bar-b-que with lessons to learn
I've got worlds to grill and a will to burn
Activate the thundercutter / Wire up the blasto
Pack me up a plastic target that won't biodegrade me
Into feeling pretty useless 'cuz I probably am