1. Sweet Bouquet

From The Recordings Html


by Al Rose © 2016 Wheel See Music (ASCAP)

Sweet Bouquet
Vase of steel
Nights of hungry black
Time stands still
A month has gone
I’ve come to take you back

There’s something on the table that reminds me of the song
That you sang to me beneath the breeze when everything was wrong
Everything was push and shove
All wagon wheel and whip
Cupid shot an arrow with poison on the tip

There’s something very troubling / I can see it from a far
I can see it out the window shining like the northern star
Shoulder me a boulder from a sliver to a rock
I’ve half a mind and twice the heart to take another shot

This room is a liar / It’s colder and colder
Over and over / It lies to my face

Roll me over slower now and paint me in a corner
I’ll meet you in a century when both of us are born
Crawling in the forest / Forgiven by the trees
Lightning struck a blade of grass
Surrounded by the weeds