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In a January drizzle, she keeps April in her pocket
And she mumbles there’s a fire in her heart
She tickles with her claws while she’s pulling down the wool
And with the cruelty of Cupid
She’s the girl who whispered wolf

She was standing on a mountain. I was standing on a hill.
She had me in the crosshairs of her love
I’m a victim of experience of acting like a fool
And I was hit between the eyes
By the girl who whispered wolf

I climbed a wooden ladder and went over the fence
And I jumped into her arms just like a dog
She turned away invisible and I drifted to the gulf
She can change the course of rivers
The girl who whispered wolf

I followed every river until I thought I saw a clearing
I still heard her voice come calling in the breeze
I thought I felt a magnet like a global polar pull
And I couldn’t fight the silence
From the girl who whispered wolf

We had coffee on the battlefield/ She was sharpening her instincts
She came at me like a human bayonet
Never try to filet a love when all the knives are dull
Unless you’re on a cutting board
With the girl who whispered wolf

She said something in Italian that reminded me of breakfast
And she took some medication after lunch
She never stopped ‘til dinner and it never made her full
She always kept a scorecard
The girl who whispered wolf

Everything was better when I walked around with earplugs
I spent my time just kicking up the dust
But I was kicking up denial until push came to pull
Then she threw a bit of rope to me
The girl who whispered wolf

Coffee, rust and arrogance/ Laughter and tobacco
Nothing takes the bitter taste away
She serves me on a platter. She deserves me like a fool.
And she feasted on my innocence
The girl who whispered wolf
Sometimes when I’m sleeping I can hear the bells a-ringing
I can hear the flowers growing on the hill
The power of her silence I can never comprehend
And I am swallowed by the memory
Of the girl who whispered wind