From the recording Gravity of Crow




I’m a rummy and a slave with my heart on my grave
Take the rum from me or I won’t live the night
My baby’s my light but the rum runs my life
I’m a rummy and a slave

Six years ago in the winter of no snow
I bundled my wool and dug in for the haul
No work and no dime / Just plenty of time
But I always rise up when opportunity calls

My daddy and his wife taught my mom to use the knife
They cooked up a scandal and laughed while she cried
They made mom look bad and I hate to hurt dad
But I did what I did and then somebody died

“I wish I could help”, my brother stepped back
“But I’ve got to preach in this town for a while”
My brother’s a rat in a black preacher’s hat
So I grabbed the damn hatchet / There’s work to be done

Now word’s on the street that my blood runs like sleet
But I wouldn’t hurt nothing unless nothing does wrong
Now my hand’s full of blood / But the light’s from above
The light’s getting dimmer when the bottle is strong



Run and come with me for I’ve got to hide
I buried that hatchet and I’ve buried my pride
And I’ve buried my life full of truth and regret
And I love you forever for now
No mountain or train will ever move me again / I’m a rummy and a slave

My eyes are like stones from running alone
And this bottle feels empty when the bottle is full
I walk down the path like a man with no map
I’m a rummy and a slave