1. Hope

From the recording Gravity of Crow



Got me letters Tuesday day / Reminds me of an alibi
Cannot read them eye to eye / Dissection day
I wear my message on my sleeve / This coat’s so old I call it &dlquo;Breeze”
I cannot stand to see you leave

Spent the winter on my knees / One got sore the other’s fine
I eat you like a fantasy
Choke on butter scrambled pain / Swallow river choke on rain
Reminds me of the weather vane


Hope is no friend of mine
Hope is no alibi
Hope is my kind of guy

I dropped the ball and tried to hide / stranded runners double play
I can’t believe you’re on my side
I slipped a disc paralyzed / You come on by and put it back
I need you like a vertebrae



Sometimes I breath so freely / Drawing deeply from the source Sometimes those breaths release me / Free Free Free

Cup of coffee diesel train / Side by side and coast to coast
Train man gives a little wink / Tunnel vision shotgun blast
Train man gives a little push / Makes the most of better days
Shows the asses where to sit / Punches tickets in the face

Train man gives a little cure / Cracks the window for a breeze
Turns the tables like a pro / Pins and needles rocks and greed
Train man gives a bitter pill / Conducts his business on the side
Makes a snack of guys like me