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Reckless and Restless are having a ball
The horse and the saddle they straddle the wall
The bones and the nerves are entwined in the hall
Of a knowing and lovable leg

The straw and the milkshake are at it again
While the lake and the basement see water rush in
And say "what will it take to be humble again
When we're deeper and deeper in love?"


Bones are hard
Blood is easy
As easy as reasons to bleed
Bones are hard
Blood is easy
Reasons are easy

The tree and the bush are worth two in the hand
Raise your glass to the breeze
We're a forest my friend
With a branch from my ribs and my face to the wind
There are mirrors and mirrors for miles

Take a look at your foot you got knuckles to spare
When you reach second base
There'll be more knuckles there
You've got knuckles with corns
You've got knuckles with hair
You've got knuckles with buckles and...



The baker and garden has fed us for years
The lights have a right to their roll
The shoes and the socks have been partners for miles
Underneath every rock there's a roll

Reckless and Restless are at it again
The horse and the saddle, they straddle the wind
The breeze has the cards while the dealer looks hard
For the bones and the nerves to give in

The straw and the milkshake are under the bell
The lake and the basement, they straddle the well
Say what you will 'cause you never can tell
If reasons are easy as...