1. Hurry Back

From the recording Naked In A Trailer



Blurry talk from blurry tongue
I'm lost without my keys
I'm haunted by the hammerheads
I'm feet beneath my needs

You do the aching back off it's a shame to see you shrink
I should have told you on the sounding board
I give thanks for all your think


So hurry back just hurry back
Don't lock the door just hurry back
Don't leave a note
You'll miss the boat
Just grab your pack and hurry

Oh ball and chain you know my name
You know my time of day
You grab me when I'm feeling right
And you burn the good away

My stomach pit alarm clock goes and screams the call to arms
It's a touch and go revealing wall
Down the hallways to the heart


I'm tempted by the blanket on this cold afternoon
Pen knife in my shoulder blade
I sure hope to see you soon

You gave me all the maps but took away the driving light
If you would only turn it on again
I'd sleep right through the night


I don't know why I sail so smooth
When storms are all around
But ripples send me overboard
And an ounce can make me pound

I'd like to see you sitting here again with both those eyes
I'd like to see you over me supported by your thighs
You got me where you want me
I can't even make a sound
But I'm the sheriff of this landfill
And I can run you in the ground