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  1. Watermark

From the recording Information Overload



Watermark rising higher
Watermark touch the sky
Mark the moment red on red
With the trusty spinning wheel
Fingers point me spot to spot
With an echo of the deal

Carved into the harbor there's a slice of silver sound
I need you
Carved into the mountain
There's a castle and a shack
We're blasting through this valley
Like we're never coming back

Mark the moment
Mark it red
Mark it with your mouth
I need you

I speak the language of the indicator
And it's rising up my spine
I feel that things are getting better all the time
Trampolines and ladders are the way I make my climb

I feel I'm higher than a laughingstock
But lower than a cry
My first neurotic impulse is to
Deny. Deny. Deny.