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  1. We're Going Down

From the recording Information Overload



With my fresh air cheap fare business suit
I head for yonder skies
Other silhoutted passengers
Sit still before my eyes
The runway's running greener in other time zone times
I've got a book that doesn't matter
And a watch they'll never find

These God-made secret skyways
With a mother load of dark
This modern bird of decency will bring us to the mark
The captain's voice is shaky
There's something on his mind
"We left the two right engines about thirty miles behind"


Put your head between your knees
Pack your bags beneath the seat
Say that final prayer
Good morning to the breeze
We're going down

I wear the seatbelt for the rules
(But comfortably loose)
There's flight attendant dignity
And complimentary booze
Turbulence and ginger ale
Nuts roasted with a smile
All the frequent fliers get their frequent flier miles

Button up your overcoat and think of someone sweet
It tends to be a chilly night at thirty thousand feet
No reason to be bitter now
I hope I earned my wings
So take good care of yourself
You belong to me