1. Slice of Life

From The Recordings Html



Once I had a falling out with my
Best friend's sister's doctor cousin's little brother's keeper
It broke my heart and then it broke my hand
I'm getting a connection started for my
Splint cast overheated tunnel vision summer sleeper
I'll kick the habit or I'll kick the can


Stop savaging me around town
Stop sandwiching me Stop sandwiching me around
A slice of life with garlic on rye
I got my hair slicked back with a butter knife
Don't swallow me

I had a meeting this morning with a
Lame name drop kicking mercy killing auto blab
She took my head off and she chewed my ear
She's climbing the ladder higher like a
Fleet foot toe tapping able bodied acrobat
She's the feel good dreamer of the year

I'm in a traffic jam with a coffee buzz on the eighth of August And
there's road construction and the left lane's closed and I'm behind
a bus and the right lane sucks and with a crampy Gut I got the itchy
twist and I'm sitting like this with a tight Fist grip and the loose
transmission of this pickup sticks in Stacks of socks and clocks
'tween rocks and hard places are Easy to find the line to wind and
climb the spine to find the Time to grind in time gonna grind in time
Gonna grind Gonna grind Gonna grind Grind grind grind grind grind
grind grind

'Til there's no more nose left to place firmly against the stone.