1. Goat

From the recording Information Overload



Mighty are the reckless
Mighty are the goats
Who are wearing coats of vegetables
And beards that reek of hope

Dancing in the fire
Sleeping in the ash
Building goatly towers
Just another perfect cast


Fifty types of apple for twenty types of goat
Who are weaving down the waterline
Chanting for the boats to take them
Home Sweet Home where the mighty seed are sown
Floating homeward 'cross the ocean on a ship of brittle bone

Furious and hungry
Curious and proud
Perched upon the mountain,
I will chew my dreams out loud
We are goats of many colors
Like coyotes on the range
Howling at a vision
Citizens of change

Before I go the distance
I will smell the many smells
Push the many buttons
Ring the many bells
Bathing in the atmosphere
In my goatly suit of tin
Open up the fortress
And let the games begin

Mighty are the reckless
Mighty are the goats
Mighty are the voices
That rise up from mighty throats

Chomping through the garden
Chomp left Chomp right
Chomping through the darkness
'Til we bite into the light
Chewy light. Chewy light. Chewy light.