1. Tokyo Gypsy

From The Recordings Html


Tokyo gypsy with Idaho luck is sleeping off Tennessee grief
He’s taking his time with a lady in love
She asked him to feed her and leave
The lady in love got a foot in the door
And she promised the gypsy no heat
He’s got no idea what she has in store so he took a deep breath of relief
The lady in love got a bird in the hand
But she swears it was two if by sea
Tokyo gypsy just strikes up the band
Singing “Beg me to leave her in peace”
CHORUS : She begged me to leave her in peace
She asked me to feed her and leave
I got no more favors to roll out the door
So I buried my heart in my sleeve
The lady in love has been wanting a change
As sure as the leaves are all green
She feels the gust of the wind picking up
She’s confused by the forest of trees
The Tokyo gypsy just wants to play ball
But the letter he sent went unseen
The lady in love didn’t answer his call
So he followed his heart down the street
The Tokyo gypsy got one final chance
And he wanted to make things discreet
He held up his hat to the heavenly clouds
And proceeded to drop to his knees
As sure as you’re born you’re gonna lay down and die
I heard this from the chief of police
The Tokyo gypsy with Idaho luck
He’s gonna tear up his ticket and leave