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Most Alarms Are False Alarms
I had another restless night
And I’m running out of dreams
The minutes hover over
And I’m running out of sheep
Now the quiet’s got my goat
And my thoughts have crossed the line
I’m just staring through the dark
Mixing alcohol and rhyme
Most alarms are false alarms
Most regrets have legs
Hold me, baby, in your arms
Until the siren begs
Let me be the lucky key
That opens up the lock
Let me be the second hand
That sweeps away the clock
Let me be the ocean tide
That raises every boat
Let me be the honey pie
That sweetens up your throat
Darkness blames the shadow’s shade
And the shadow blames the wall
The wall is all the window has
To frame a heart this small
When the morning rain leaves town
And the sky returns to blue
I’m gonna follow you around
Like a ring around the room