From The Recordings Html


A week from someday
Light a candle
Walk across the burning sand
Hold me closer than a handle
Let your guard down / Take a stand
A week from someday
Write your story
Scratch it out and get it down
Paint a picture with no pressure
Get dressed up and go to town
A week from someday
Shed a layer
Let me see you in the dark
Crack a window / Say a prayer
Let the breeze fill up your heart

Someday came just like a whisper
Grazed my cheek just like a kiss
I’m weaker now
I missed my boat
A week from now I won’t resist
A week from someday
Take a pencil
Write a word and cross it out
Nothing seems to make much sense, still
Nothing makes the loudest sound
A week from someday
Crunch the numbers
You never know what’s coming next
Ain’t no sin in getting numb-er
Grab a pen and bounce a check
A week from someday / Make some noise
Lend an ear and hear me out
Find a rhythm from your heartbeat
Play them drums all over town


A week from someday
Grab a compass
Think of north when things go south
Pick a number or a color
Left brain - right brain
Sort it out
A week from someday
Climb a tower
Meet me halfway with a sign
Promise me a borrowed hour
It’s always raining half the time

A week from someday
Light a candle
There’s nothing more to talk about
Shut your mouth / Avoid a scandal
Dig a trench and wait it out