From the recording Again The Beginner


Again the beginner
Beginning again
Alive at the altar with nothing to spend
I spend my life moving beginning to end
Again and again
The beginner
I promised myself I’d never be bitter
Again and again and again
Still as a snake with the skin of a quitter
I shed it like liquid it rolls off my back
With the guilt of a sinner I straighten my hat
Again the beginner…
I sit at the table and bet like a sinner
Again and again and again
I hold up my cards with the grin of a winner
I feel my heart bluffing with a liar’s refrain
My chips disappear down the gambler’s drain
Again the beginner…
I’m holding on tight while the backlash delivers
Again and again and again
The wind’s picking up and my dreams start to shiver
I raise up my voice and I sing through the dark
Stepping through shadow I crawl to the spark
Again the beginner…