From the recording My First Posthumous Release



I'm tired of insomnia
It bores me through my tears
Anxiety and nausea just tore right through the years

Chorus: I'm going down the Mississippi
Just to find my sense of sludge
I'm gonna leave you ëtil you miss me

I crawled in like an acrobat
From underneath a muffled yell
I never thought a laundromat could clean me up so well

Shrouded up in urgency with one foot in the ground
You doubted the emergency but you never let me down

I thought I knew your history of dynamite and stains
Through all your reputations
Your bombing stayed the same

I'm tired of eternity that makes me count my days
Building and attorneyís fees make Romeo a slave

I'm as righteous as a doctor
And honest as a clown
But medicineís the best laughter
I won't ever let you down

Hound dog howling by the side of the road
You lifted me up so I could carry that load
You know I stacked them pallets ëtil the sky was touched
I'm going solar, baby
You're my obvious crutch
You're my right hand sand
Where the sea comes in/ Where the opposites land
Like a polar magnet/ You can draw me in
To the deeper sea/ Where all the big fish live.
It's an obsolete message/ I tried to move it cross town
But the signals got crossed and now itís buried in sound
I canít hear it no more 'cuz there's nothing to hear
I got nowhere to go/ I got nothing to wear
I got nothing to seek/ I got nothing to say
Except I just said ìseekî and now I'm floating away
From the crosshair shooter
Better get a bottle down
I had an obsolete day in my obsolete town.