My First Posthumous Release

Al Rose Music

Monkey Holding Peach Records (2008)

The still-living and ever-clever Chicago songsmith Al Rose delivers his fifth disc, My First Posthumous Release, his most consistent and satisfying album ever. From the heartfelt to the humorous, he tells his tales against a deep sonic Americana backdrop that’s full of musical invention and lyrical wonderment.

The recording was made with his band The Transcendos (guitarist Steve Doyle, bassist Steve Hashimoto, drummer Sarah Allen, harmony vocalist Laura Blye, pianist and organist Carter Luke, and guitarist Maury Smith ) along with a number of friends helping out. Contributing their genius were violinist Steve Gibons, cellist Alison Chesley (from Verbow, Jason & Alison, and Helen Money), mandoliist Don Stiernberg, pedal steel player Brian Wilke, drummer Heath Chappell, trombonist Jeb Bishop, vibist and former Coctail Mark Greenberg, tuba player Rob Pleshar, percussionist Carlos Cornier, tap dancer Mark Yonally, and on the saw, Sarah Holtschlag.

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