1. Soft Core Hope

From the recording My First Posthumous Release



I am standing at the corner by the threshold of the precipice
Overlooking all the crossroads with their forks and knives and guns
Broken sticks in sunlight pointing me across the mud
One hundred miles of sunburn until I came upon a ridge
The mountain rose before me/ First the foothills
Then I came upon a bridge
I'm just another pint of blood/ Iím just another nerve
Free to dream of freedom while Iím dreaming of her
And Iíll take another noisy plunge into the icy crystal clear
My life seems so reality based
It's just like Iím really here

I carry you within me like a candle so that everything seems lighter
But now everything has brought me to my knees
The pressure of desire like a relic on my shoulder
I'm rolling with the punches while I melt down all the keys
I stepped on many stepping stones as I moved from room to room
I watched you watching someone watching me watching you
I'll meet you at the crossroad where the blessing meets the curse
You go my way and Iíll go yours

You saved my life/ You threw me rope/ Hard core dreams/ Soft core hope

I emptied out my suitcase and my pockets/ I only kept a stone
I put it where my heart was after burning it in clove
You told me you were hungry for a secret and you finally took a bite
You told me I was radiating ghosts and hollow light
I take another bite of glass and roll it round my tongue
I've got something to deliver and something to return
I'll carry what is pointless and turn over what is curved
I'll give you all the rain and only drink what I deserve

I'm talking in italics/ Iím a fragment
I'm pulsing like a verb
I'm shaking like a lantern in the middle of a lake
The footprints in the ice are letting down their guard
I'm waving like a flag in the middle of the race
I'm counting on your fortress/ Iím counting on your love
I'm counting on your wings to fly me above
I'm counting on your medicine/ Iím counting on your cure
Iím counting on your love to be shameless and pure

You saved my life/ You threw me rope/ Hard core dreams/ Soft core hope