1. Lincoln

From the recording Pigeon's Throat



Lincoln was a friend of mine
Stove top and a thrill
Another presidential ego boy who got lucky
With that five dollar bill

Just an accidental law school cheat
Burned bridges in every town
Picking fights with every one armed slave
His long legs hardly ever touched the ground


His focus was on the free
Riding shotgun on the rail
Dividing up his time between the theater and the war
Until the bullet cut him down
The writing was on the wall
Like the dust on yonder spade
Finger gliding through the coal
Between the devil and the saint
Like the hand that held the blade

I talked him into lightening up
Taught him how to dumb it all down
Never thought I'd see the shy man shine
Pressing the flesh down to Springfield town
"You and me partner, all the way to the top
I'll find a way to repay what you done give me"
Whistle-stop magic and the great debate
Side by side on the big trip east


The first door shut in '63
When a brand new man started making noise
Gave Abe good word for Gettysburg
Now I'm licking my wounds back in Illinois
Abe's a ladder climbing self made man
Just a union loving sentimental guy
He loved me like a man-o-war
And with the saddle strapped on
Abe was one good ride