Pigeon's Throat

Al Rose Music

Waterdog Music 9906 (1999)

On his third release, Pigeon’s Throat, Al Rose was again working with his band, The Transcendos, who provided the fascinating sound that won critical raves on his second album, Naked In A Trailer. These eleven songs range from the re-written history of “Lincoln,” the breezy feel of “Lighter Than A Feather,” the rollicking “Ripe Unacceptable Now,” the sound-noir of “Polish My Car” and an emotional ballad that sounds timeless upon the first listen, “Patience.”

The Transcendos included drummer Heath Chappell, bassist Steve Hashimoto, guitarists Victor Sanders and Maury Smith, and vocalist Laura Blye. Al is the center of the ensemble on acoustic and electric guitars with solo turns on harmonica and flute. Additional musicians were organist Carter Luke (now a Transcendo fixture), mandolinist Stuart Rosenberg, violinist Steve Gibons and cellist Diana Parmeter.

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