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  1. Patience

From the recording Pigeon's Throat



I met the monster in the alley
I had a thing or two to say
An angel kindly held my tongue
Until a calmer breeze was swayed
Sometimes a punch will go no further
Than the knuckle on the wall
Sometimes a bitter taste will linger
Sometimes a mouth can't make the call


Patience Patience
Take the knife out of my hand
Don't let me pierce the surface of regret
Long live time's best friend

Just like the etching in a block of soap
And the writing on the wall
Sometimes they come from minds that volume guides
But their sound is much too small
A blade will always cut the crap
And the shade will let you hide
A bumpy road will get you there
But time will let you glide



Don't let the signs of warning drive on past
Don't let the blazing sun beat down
You can fall the wall with one trembling blast
But there'll be less of a mess one brick at a time

When the pressure has you choking
And you're fighting for your breath
Remember; death don't show no mercy
But know that mercy knows no death