1. Metaphor

From the recording Pigeon's Throat



I'm driving in my car alone / November afternoon
I'm coming from behind me and I'll be there real soon
Dramatic sky and perfect light / Every cloud's in place
My tank's half filled with gasoline / The rest filled up with space
I'm driving in this metaphor / Tears roll down my face
"Gas", "Food", "Stuckey", "Toilets"
Signs powerful with grace
The static clears, the song comes on with just the right suspense
Every tune's a soundtrack / Every word makes sense


I'm driving in a metaphor / Cold wind in my face
The highway's at an upward grade / The roadkill perfectly placed
Narrow bridge and burning bridge / Bridge to bumpy road
This metaphor is nicely done
I make a mental note

That filtered light comes through the trees / Did you hear that church bell ring
My arms are tired just like that time I did that tiring thing
That distant farmhouse so dark and set back; so quiet and all alone
No one's home or they're sleeping or murdered by a cord around the throat
There was a slight struggle; a chair was broke / There may have been some screams
Just like that time that that tree fell in that forest
And no one heard a thing


A metaphor's just a metaphor / A rope is just a rope
Lint is just a bunch of dust / A man is just the pope
And icy roads just mean shitty driving / A car is just a car
A knife is just a blade of death
Sometimes a scar is just a scar