From the recording My First Posthumous Release



I got up this evening/ My head’s in a fog
I saw you were leaving like nothing was wrong
This light is deceiving/ It groans like a dog

My love is in danger/ She lives in a cage
With unforeseen silence/ And unforeseen rage

You got a face like a magnet/ It keeps pulling me in
It’s a fatal attraction/ I’m on needles and pins

I mistook you for ransom/ I followed your voice
You’re vague and specific/ Like silence and noise

I got hook and ladder/ Goes eight stories high
Your ninth story window is one story shy

Chorus: Luck and circumstance has seen me through
I’ve had some shakey moments

I got all your letters/ I read ‘em and weep
It’s a primitive world when heartbreak’s this sweet

Your timing was perfect/ As perfect as greed
I’ve been drilling for oil and it’s just out of reach

I ain’t got no compass/ I ain’t got no wheel
I got me a feather that’s made out of steel

I’ll sing you to sleep, baby/ When night comes around
I sawed off a shotgun and polished it down

Death does not move me/ I’m stubborn as pain
I’m stubborn as ashes and loyal as rain