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Elbow grease release my dreams
Let them go/ Let me breathe
Set me free with elbow grease
Infectious smile

The Antidote and Poison dance
Stepping lively locking horns
Dressed to cut and stressed to kill
Infectious smile

Slipping on the forest floor
The light comes down like honey shards
I shake the mud/ The mud cakes me
Infectious smile

Chorus: Exhaust fan smoke blows hot and cold
Stubborn spots resisting
Scratch resistant surface noise
I only heard insisting

I’ve got a suitcase/ Got a suit
I’ve got a case of the lucky blues
So why’d you make fun of my shoes
Infectious smile

Hit me once/ Stupid me
Hit me twice and set me free
Hit my face a quarter mile
Infectious smile

Hopeless coins and crumpled bills
Razor cuts and safety pins
Nothing bends like rubber grins
Infectious smile

Take my hand and sit awhile
Don’t say nothin’/ Shut your mouth
Shut your eyes and look around
Infectious smile