From The Recordings Html



Your magnet bones and sinner phones are ringing for to march me home
Trail of fingers tapping time to loosen joints inside
Rubber elbow rubber knee / Rub her glory / Freedom ring
Stopping short of double time for double happy me

You're a string of pearls around the block from the front porch to the mailbox
Keep me hidden in your clock but don't go winding me
Kissin' cousins sister's sons / Breakfast bowls and dinner buns
Don't go eatin' all that fun / Save some bites for me


Wrap me around you from the inside
Tie me a lover's knot of roots and vines

Digging tunnels wearing lace / That miner's hat will show the way
Shining light on muddy mud / Just pray those knuckles keep
Shoulder burdens chipping blocks and crystal walls of jagged rocks
With your china gloves and velvet touch you cleared a road for me
Private gardens private eyes / Hidden ponds of private ice
You skated round me once or twice spinning free



Wide-eyed sideswipe

Stamp of magic, drops of rain / Sheets of cotton, quilts of stain
We're bundled up against the pain / We're sawing logs
Sawdust lumber fences built and fences mended, fences torn
And rusted locks and gates reborn and opened
Push me to the braking point / You make me look and give me spins
Saved me from the bitter wind and made me breathe
Target gardens warmer beds / Till me 'til the day I'm dead
I'm planting everything you said and water